Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sail Boat Update

I am beginning to see the sail boat come to life! I picked up some more color pencils. The kind that I had were harder and took twice as long to get a rich color on the page I now can get a much deeper richer color with the softer pencils. It is a slow and hard process one stroke at a time. I think that it is far more difficult to get the results that one desires than other mediums...even graphite pencils,

Here is a look at the size of the piece and the reference photo that I am using. Sorry about the lighting. I am in a different studio (my basement). I am still getting better lighting down there.

Here is some more detail of the process that I am going through in the drawing. You can see the frame of the back of the sail boat. I can not wait to get the rest of the sail boat done. Then I will be about 1/3 of the way done!
I do not think that these pics are doing any justice to the original. I will try to get better photos soon.


Elena said...

You're a very talented artist. Great work!

Colline said...

Really great work, Joe! I love the rich color of that flag...nearly looks like a photograph. :)

Kevin said...

Joe, I must say the way you apply the colors and make the sketches is just so artistic ! Good job you have some wonderful work there !

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