Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Breaking the rules

I was able to travel this past weekend with the quartet to Alabama. We had a generator problem the would show up from time to time. When the generator stops so does the air and power for the electricity. Aside from a few issues with that, we were still able to sing on Sunday. While I was driving the bus ,later on that night I noticed the red emergancy light indicator on and pulled over to the nearest gas station. There was a leak in the in the air line somewhere. So Terry did his nest to locate the leak, but we could not locate it. We stayed the rest of that night and most the morning there. It was a long night. The bus is home safe now. Terry found a way to reconstruct the hose. While waiting that morning, I felt the urge to sketch. So I drew a picture of Elise. It was with her pen and paper. Thus I broke a rule. DO NOT ever draw on something you do not inted keep well like lined notebook paper. Oh well. I guess I will just say that it was artsy.
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