Monday, March 21, 2011

A Paint Job

So we were given a table and some chairs by some friends of ours in Midland MI. They were nice used chairs. Bethany and I decided to visit habitat for humanity and found a really cool darkwood table that was sturdy and had a leave in it. We picked it up but we needed chairs. So...I decided to paint the other chairs. Of course I did not check the weather that day because it looked so nice out and it was 80+ degrees out side with a light breeze. So I sanded down the chair and spray painted the chairs black. They took two coats. I also left just enough grain and original color so to keep a little character. They were turning out great... but I ran out of paint. So ran to.the store. Then it started to sprinkle. It stopped, and it started to sprinkle. I painted the last chair and just made it. I spayed a finish coat over top and they turned out great!
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Kathy L said...

nice job. the set has real character now!

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